Your Eyebrows: Tweezing To Perfection

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Your Eyebrows: Tweezing To Perfection

30 July 2015
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The look of your eyebrows can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your face. Even if you prefer to keep the bushy brows of a young Brooke Shields, they should still be neatly tweezed to keep them looking polished. Other methods of hair removal, such as shaving and waxing, can be difficult to control. Here are some tips to help you tweeze your eyebrows properly:

Test before tweezing.

Use an eyebrow pencil and concealer to reshape your brows before you actually tweeze. Place concealer over the hairs that you would like to remove and use the brow pencil to darken the hairs that you would like to keep. You can use a magnifying mirror during the color application, but be sure to stand back and look at a standard mirror to assess your results. Try a couple of brow shapes before settling on your final arch. Feel free to leave the colors in place as a guide during the actual tweezing process.

Maintain proper shape.

Perfectly tweezed brows usually have general borders, regardless of the shape of your face. Here are a few:

  • The front end of your brow should not fall below the back end of your brow. This mistake can make you look like you are wearing a permanent frown.
  • The center of your left and right nostril should align with the beginning of the associated brow. Don't align the center of your brow with the outer edge of your nose; it will look unnatural.
  • The highest point of your brow arch should be aligned within the range of the back one-third of your eye. If the arch is too close to the front of the brow, the overall shape can look like the letter "u."

Look closely.

A standard mirror can make it difficult to see every stray hair. Use a magnifying mirror whenever you tweeze to view the shape of your brow up close. Problem hairs will be more obvious and those that conform to your desired brow shape will be easy to avoid.

Go slowly.

Reserve time for your tweezing session. Remember that each hair you remove or leave will affect your brow shape, so don't tweeze aggressively. 

Use scissors.

Don't tweeze brow hairs that are unusually long. Instead, snip away the excess length with scissors first. The unruly portion may only be the excess length. Tweezing a long brow hair erroneously can leave you with gaps in your brows. 

You can use tweezers to maintain an attractive brow shape at home. However, if you don't have a steady hand or are uncomfortable with the tweezing process, visit a professional who has been trained at a qualified beauty school. For more information, contact a school such as Maryland Beauty Academy.