Preparing To Use Thinning Shears To Remove Excess Hair

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Preparing To Use Thinning Shears To Remove Excess Hair

11 November 2015
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If you are dabbling in the air of hair cutting and you wish to give your hair a streamlined look with some texture, there are a few methods that will help tone down a bushy hairdo so it appears neat and trim. Using thinning shears is one way to remove excess hair so the hairstyle remains natural while still maintaining the length. Here are some tips to consider when learning how to use these shears properly.

More Means Less

The number of teeth a pair of thinning shears has determines how much hair is removed. More teeth means less hair is cut because each tooth will block the blade of the shear from making a cut. If you need to thin out the hair with only the minimal amount removed, opt for a pair of shears with two rows of teeth over one row. People with very thick or curly hair would require more hair to be removed, necessitating a pair of shears with only one row of wider teeth.

Purchase The Right Pair

Thinning shears can be purchased at salon stores or online. Before buying a set, it is best to know which type would do the best job for your hair type. Texturizing shears are the standard type, best used for fine to medium hair. For thicker strands, a pair of chunking shears would remove more hair per snip. Purchase a pair of shears with rubber finger rings for added comfort and stability. Some pairs have an adjustable tension screw on the shears so you can change the amount of resistance used when cutting hair.

Start With A Wig

When learning the proper process of thinning, it is important to get a feel for how much hair is removed with each snip. For this reason, it is best to practice on a wig before taking your skill to a real head of hair. Find a wig with a similar hair type to your own. It is best to make cuts anywhere from the middle of a strand to the tip. Remove the cut pieces and check to see how thin the result is. 

Test out the process by cutting a portion of the wig starting at the middle of a chunk of hair. The closer to the tip of the hair you cut, the less noticeable the transition. Try different variations in number of snips and starting location of the cut of the strand to get a feel for how much hair is removed. Start with texturizing shears. If the amount of hair removed is not enough for your liking, you will need to consider purchasing chunking shears or a pair of shears with fewer teeth. For more information on thinning shears, talk to a beauty school.