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When I entered college several years ago, I made the mistake of choosing a degree program based almost solely on potential income. I thought I wanted to be a public accountant because of the amount of money people in this profession made. A mere five years after earning a graduate degree in accounting, I was miserable. I didn’t feel like the work I was completing was making a genuine difference in people’s lives. Are you desperately searching for a new job that will allow you to make others happy? If you’re unsatisfied with the type of work you’re doing, consider enrolling in beauty school. Making people look their best is a gratifying experience. On this blog, you will discover the typical tasks a graduate of beauty school does on a daily basis.


Preparing To Use Thinning Shears To Remove Excess Hair

11 November 2015
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If you are dabbling in the air of hair cutting and you wish to give your hair a streamlined look with some texture, there are a few methods that will help tone down a bushy hairdo so it appears neat and trim. Using thinning shears is one way to remove excess hair so the hairstyle remains natural while still maintaining the length. Here are some tips to consider when learning how to use these shears properly. Read More …

3 Ways To Embrace Your Curls

30 September 2015
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Naturally curly hair is in; you no longer have to hide your curly locks or your wavy hair. Instead of straightening your hair every day and hiding your curls, embrace them this fall with these three easy beauty tips. #1 Change How You Wash & Moisturize Your Hair The first step in embracing your hair is learning how to correctly wash and moisturize your hair. Curly hair needs to be taken care of differently than straight hair. Read More …

Your Eyebrows: Tweezing To Perfection

30 July 2015
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The look of your eyebrows can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your face. Even if you prefer to keep the bushy brows of a young Brooke Shields, they should still be neatly tweezed to keep them looking polished. Other methods of hair removal, such as shaving and waxing, can be difficult to control. Here are some tips to help you tweeze your eyebrows properly: Test before tweezing. Read More …